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Reclaim Yourself | Boudoir Self Portraits

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

In the midst of being stuck inside, and having very little control over much of anything lately... I've been in a rut and I know I'm not alone! So what better way to reclaim my mind, body and soul... then to photograph myself in an incredibly intimate way. the photographer...got behind the camera!

Having been a Boudoir [read: Intimate] Photographer for over 10 years; I am always the one in a group to preach about loving your body - in its current state... and doing the things either physically, mentally and/or emotionally to support your self love - everyday. However... I am also the first one to forget my own advice!

“If you can't love yourself - how in the HELL you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen?!”-Ru Paul

I've seen so many fellow photographers creating self portraits and was feeling especially inspired after having my own #webcamsession earlier that day. So I grabbed my camera, my 50mm 1.8 lense, tripod and my phone.

What came from this impromptu #boudoirselfportrait session are photos I am proud of.. and artwork I can't wait to share! What an incredible reminder it was to actually feel free as fuck and carefree while doing what I love most: CREATING.

So I thought ... "Why the hell not??"

I definitely stepped out of my own comfort zone in some of these images... but I have found a part of me that has been dormant for a while now. The part of me that actually doesn't care what others think of me...or how they perceive me. The part of me that used to create freely for me - instead of always creating for others. The part of me that owns my body, loves it and actually really enjoys being naked (or nearly naked)... in a safe space.

I have spent so much time working with other humans and photographing not just their bodies but their desire, sexuality, expression and most of all...vulnerability. What I have learned is that we all...for the most part... need to feel good in our skin. You only have one body - and it's the only one you're ever going to get - so celebrate it!!

I took the challenge... and now I challenge you. Grab whatever camera you've got. Put on your birthday suit...or your favourite gitches and get creative. Be inspired, and be bold!

Tag #SelfBoudieChallenge and show me whatchu got babes!!!

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Because woman's nipples are still frowned upon on social media and I want this to actually reach people like you... I blocked them out...for now ;)

Got stretch marks? Doesn't matter how you got them - you earned them!

The End! Until next time Boudieful Peeps! ;)

Wow I'm lame...

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